A Community Foundation that Seeks to Strengthen its Members and Affiliates by Sharing Resources & Uniting the Community for the Common Good.
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About YOUnited
Who is YOUnited ?
As Yorktown’s community foundation, all Not-For-Profit civic/interest organizations and associations are welcomed to join.
As described in our application for 501c3 recognition: "The mission and objectives of the organization are to serve as a clearing house and umbrella support group for community based organizations within the Town of Yorktown, as well as a resource for the receipt and dissemination of non-specific funds that may become available through corporate and private community responsibility programs, or other means."
Business memberships will also be encouraged and welcomed in the very near future.
YOUnited’s initial goals are:
To provide one central community organization calendar to assist in the planning and promotion of participating member’s meeting, functions and fundraising events.
To provide a community-wide forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas for the betterment of Yorktown.
To provide a platform for expanded fundraising, donations and funding – outside the scope of individual organization’s current efforts.
To offer training seminars and workshops designed to improve and enhance member organizations fundraising and management abilities.
YOUnited’s Board of Trustees:
Our initial board of Trustees is made up of a broad mix of community-involved individuals, including but not limited to, local Not-For-Profit foundations, religious, service, educational, athletic, legal, governmental and corporate organizations.
All Board of Trustee members will serve two year terms, staggered for continuity, with the active involvement of the full membership in candidate nomination and the election of expiring Trustee positions.
The Initial Board of Trustees’ Officers and Members at Large:
Bruce Apar : President
Mike Sitzer : Vice President
Richard DaSilva : Treasurer
Mary Capoccia : Secretary
Salvatore Lagonia : Legal Counsel
Tricy Cushner
AI French
Monica Garrigan
Michael Grace
Tony Grasso
Loretta Lagonia
Cindy Smith
Rev Claire Woodley
Alexa O’Rourke