A Community Foundation that Seeks to Strengthen its Members and Affiliates by Sharing Resources & Uniting the Community for the Common Good.
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I want to become a Volunteer, but How?
Are YOU looking to volunteer your time helping others in your community? Would YOU like to join a not-for-profit organization in their efforts to improve our lives and those of our neighbors? Very often YOUnited member organizations are in need of new members or volunteers to help with one-time or repeated activities.
If you are interested in volunteering, below are two simple ways you can volunteer:
1. View our YOUnited Member HELP WANTED listings, where YOU can view all the current volunteers-needed postings
2. Visit our YOUnited Member Directory where YOU can search for the organization that YOU think might best fit your volunteering needs. Pick a member organizations listed, fill in your contact information, press send, and we will send an email directly to them on your behalf. Those organizations will then contact YOU to discuss your interests and their needs. No obligation, ever.
YOUnited match-making, one volunteer at a time!